Thursday, July 2, 2009

Abraham: Resist Not Bullies

Abraham -Boise, ID 7/3/02

What you’re saying is, ‘when someone gathers forces, who seems to be a bully, and wants to push against another, shouldn’t someone rise up big enough to push back?’ And we say, all you end up with is bigger and bigger pushing against, and more and more using each other as your excuse not to allow your well being.

Guest: “So you would say that, like, America and Britain would’ve just become invisible to Hitler if they had assumed this philosophy?”

Abraham: “You would not provide the fodder to the fire that keeps him fueled. If there were no one pushing back at him, the majority of the energy that he had amassed would have been non-existent. If you weren’t pretty good at understanding well being, as [the bully’s] poking at you with a stick, you’re probably going to get provoked, which is exactly what he wants—so, as he provokes you, and you now turn your attention, now you’re engaged—which is what he had in mind the whole time.

Someone who wants power doesn’t want passivity, doesn’t want somebody not interested; They want somebody to push back against them! In other words, you can’t have a war unless there’s somebody that’s fighting against you, but it does not mean that you have to play the game.

So here you stand—and you say, ‘I’m going to choose what’s dominant in my vibration.’ So he pokes at you, and you notice that the world’s beautiful over there—and he pokes at you, and you notice that there’s well-being over there, and he pokes at you, and you notice that he’s a non-issue. You notice that your life goes pretty well except when you’re being poked a little; and less and less do you notice his poking, and more and more do you notice well-being, until you literally become so vibrationally different from him that the poking is no longer any fun for him—because you vibrated out of range, and others vibrated into range. His enemies bring themselves right to him.

What goes wrong with humans, is they say, ‘I want world peace’—and we say world peace is none of your business! Personal peace is. There is no possible way of getting everyone to agree.

So then you say, ‘Yes, but what if I ignore him and so I disengage him from my vibration. What about the others that he’s trampling? What about those that don’t know as much as I do?’, and we say now you’re back involved. In other words, you get to choose. So, finally, when you say, I don’t have to figure it out for any of them, and I’m going to align with the energy of well-being’, and follow that path, then it’s easier for you to watch everyone else play out their game.

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