Monday, July 6, 2009

Abraham: Internal Connection Trumps External Validation

Abraham, San Rafael, CA,  March 2003

Guest: What gets in my way is attachment or focus to the outcome. What you're saying is that it's joy for joy's sake in the moment.  It's not to try and get something ... It just occured to me, that a certain outcome meant that I was worthy. I was measuring my worthiness by the quality of the outcome.

Abraham: Thats because instead of using your joy as your success meter, you had been using the appreciation of others, in other words, others say to you ‘this makes me happy and this makes me sad, so if you want to make me happy you have to do this..’. So you learn to perform by others standards in the quest for their appreciation.  And thats why we say all their appreciation ever did was be a catalyst to hook you up to source energy. Why not go directly to the root of source energy? Why not leave everyone else and what they think out of the equation? And when you learn to leave them out, then you can go directly to the thought that feels better and life is fun right now.

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