Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seth: Disgust with Car Leading to Need for Repairs

Seth - The Early Sessions - Book Five, Session 222

Rob had forgotten to put gasoline in the car and unknown to him on a conscious level, the oil was low. Driving up a hill one night with Jane, the car stalled. They had to back it down the hill to a driveway to turn it around, Jane using a flashlight to lead the way.

They coasted down the hill and managed to get the car started, but at home, even with gasoline, it would not start. They had it towed to the garage and they diagnosed moisture in the distributor. The next day it STILL wouldn’t work.

They had it towed to the garage AGAIN and this time they diagnosed corrosion in the coil connection. The service manager did not charge them for the second tow or repair because he said that they should have seen the problem the first time.

Here’s what Seth said:

When the trouble initially began, the most recent trouble, you were generally disgusted with the car, and your disgust led to the difficulties. NOT in a nebulous manner, but in very literal terms...

...The general and overall condition of the car was on its way to deterioration.

Now when your attitude began to change, it changed first on a subconscious level. Consciously you were not aware of the change. Now. You had already done some damage. The problem was to make it as minor as possible. It was therefore concentrated as corrosion on the coil, and this corrosion was NOT THERE when your garageman previously examined it.

The destructive elements were concentrated, given nice, neat tangible form, and therefore remedied in physical fashion.

Now you can do, that is any individual can do, and DOES, the same with the physical body. If his reactions cause a generalized overall poor condition, this is much more difficult to treat. But if this energy can be put into specific form, one pimple, one pain, one ulcer, at least the problem is recognized, localized and can be treated with somewhat less difficulty.

There was no need for your garageman to think, then, that the trouble had not been noticed, for when he examined the car last the overall condition WAS poor. But there was no specific physical or localized trouble. I thought that you would find this rather interesting.

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