Friday, July 3, 2009

Abraham: The Energy of this Time and Place is Strong

Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar Page 669

Abraham: It has never been more important for those upon planet Earth to understand the creative process, for never before has the creative energy been so powerful.

Never before have your thoughts translated into actual physical manifestation so rapidly. Never before has there been so much potential for the glorious exaltation that comes with receiving that which is wanted--and never before has there been the potential for so much painful experience from setting into motion that which is not wanted.

This time, is a glorious time. A time of great wanting. A time of much more allowing and a time of much more receiving. And with all of that, a time of contentment, satisfaction, peace, joy, exhilaration and, indeed, ecstasy.

But each of you chooses the degree of satisfaction, contentment, peace, love, joy, or ecstasy that you will experience for there is a broad range of that which may be experienced, and all of it hinges upon your willingness to make decisions about what you want, and your belief, or knowing, that that which you think IS.

(Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar Page 669)

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