Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seth: YCYOR Police Persecution

Seth (ESP Class, 3-19-74): 

After discussion of Seth’s remarks, Tom was relating what had been to him a quite disturbing encounter with a police officer recently. Seth returned, speaking to Tom:

Seth: You were so gloriously angry at the police officer because you did not express your natural anger at your children and did not feel able to do so fully, or to follow through with your feelings toward them. You feel persecuted by the police because they represent authority to you because you have not emotionally come to terms with yourself—in terms of authority—so they bear the brunt.

You also feel that your own emotions are underground, and that you must physically express them through body motion. You do not understand the nature of true force or aggression, and so it seems to you that they should be expressed through forceful and aggressive, in your terms, body reactions. You wanted to hit him in the face! You did not consciously accept the fact that you wanted to kick him.

Now listen!! You are used to following your emotions—only so far. Then you clamp down upon them. If you would follow them all the way, you would not be frightened of them. You think that physical action and boxing, for example, or karate, or physical motion is the only way to express aggressive action within an acceptable framework.

Now, you have work to do with your emotions, and listen to me, and for now at least do not interrupt. Argue with me after you have come to terms with your own emotional being.

You are as afraid, for example, of expressing the aggression of love fully as you are of those other emotions. Now, you may argue with me later when you read a transcript of what I have said. And my best wishes to you!

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