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Abraham: Momentary Anxiety Is NOT Destiny

Abraham - Boulder, CO- 6/15/02

Abraham: You see, some would say your world is about economics. Now we don’t agree with that, although much of your world seems to be driven by economics. And those who want to sell you something, want to activate within you a need for what they’re selling. That is a big part of the reason that so many of you feel anxiety. Because they’re getting very good at promoting things in ways to activate your anxiety.

And so what’s happened is, you like so many others have become someone who easily acquiesces to the vibration that they want you to vibrate, rather than choosing your own. And we say, actually these are Esther’s words. She’s been saying it a lot lately, “I can damn well choose my own vibration! (laughter) I can choose my own vibration! I can choose my own vibration! I can choose my own vibration! I can choose my own vibration! I can choose my own vibration! I can! I can! I can! I can! I can! I can! I can! I can! I can choose my own vibration! (laughter)

I do not have to (carry) the vibration within me that I picked up along my physical trail! I don’t have to carry the vibration of my mother or of a worrisome friend! I don’t have to carry the vibration that the television is hammering at me or that the government is hammering at me for whatever reason!”

In other words, when somebody wants you to do something, you always have to stop and ask yourself, “Why do they want to do this?” In other words, what’s in it for them? And when you begin to look at things in that way, you begin to understand that you get to choose your own vibration. You’re very good at it. 

And so the reason that you’re feeling anxiety is because every fiber of your being wants to feel joy, wants to know the well being that is your Source.  And when you fixate on things that don’t allow it, you sort of go berserk on some level of your being. And we’re glad. That means your guidance system’s working.

Your anxiety is not because the world is in trouble. Your anxiety is not because you’re in trouble. Your anxiety is because you're choosing a thought that doesn't match your desire, that’s all. 

In other words, it’s not because some big bad thing is gonna happen. You’re in no way near a vibrational proximity to anything like that. You're just someone who deserves and intends to be so in harmony with source, and when you're not, you can't stand it. That’s why you’ve got anxiety. So just practice, practice, practice, practice...

In other words, we want you to show yourself that you can feel good by conjuring your own thought. And once you’ve done that for a few days, you’ll be free. You’ll be free of all anxiety. Because we can feel that you believe us. We can feel that you believe that Well Being abounds. We can feel that you believe that you have the ability to conjure a vibration. And we can feel that you understand the Art of Allowing.

In other words, We think everything is intellectually lined up for you. We just don't think you've practiced it enough that you feel confident to go out and play a serenade for someone. Yes.

Guest: I don’t feel confident. Like you say, your emotions are your guideposts. And when I feel anxious, I don’t know if that’s just the anxiety or if that’s my intuition trying to tell me something or...

Abe: Well it, what it always is, negative emotion - whether you call it blame or guilt, or anxiety of fear - it doesn’t matter what you call it. Negative emotion always means the same thing. You are focused on something that doesn't match your desire. 

Sometimes a person will say, “I am too sensitive.” And we say, it’s like someone saying, “My hands are really sensitive and it’s painful for me to put them on the hot stove.” And we say, we don’t think sensitivity is your problem (laughter). We think, we think your problem is you’ve got your hands on the stove (laughter), you see.

And so bless that anxiety. That is sensors. In other words, that’s a very good sign. What it’s saying is, “Don't think this thought, this thought that doesn't line up.” It’s saying, “You would do well to de-activate this thought. You do not have to face reality. Some of reality is painful. Don't go to the painful parts of reality."

And as you show yourself that you can FEEL GOOD by pointing over there and that you feel bad by pointing over there. And that you CAN point over there. Then more and more, you point over there and anxiety goes away.

YOUR ANXIETY IS NOT WARNING YOU OF SOMETHING TO COME. Your anxiety is alerting you to a vibration that’s happening NOW.

You have POWER NOW. So just think about your hand on the stove and just laugh about it and say, “I can take my hand off the stove.” And as you practice this just a little bit, you’ll feel your CONFIDENCE come.

Because from what we feel from you, you are good at directing thought. You have a very clear mind. You’re good with words. You can focus easily. You concentrate easily. And that’s all that we’re talking about here. Just choosing the ones that feel good - instead of accepting anything that anybody wants to dump on you, you see. Yes.

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