Monday, May 4, 2009

Abe: Monday Morning Segment Intending Review

"Make more decisions about what?" our friend asks. Make more decisions about everything. In other words, as you are getting into your car, make a decision that you will enjoy your ride to wherever you are going.

As you turn on the radio, make a decision that you will find something that is stimulating and uplifting. As you make a telephone call, make a decision that you will get your point across and that you will uplift the person with whom you interact.

As you order your food make a decision that it will benefit you in all ways. That it will fuel you and satisfy you in every way. As you put yourself in your bed, make a decision that you are going to rest well and you are going to wake up refreshed. As you pick up a book, make a decision that you will glean something from it of benefit.

As you turn on the television make a decision that you will find something that will satisfy some question that you have been asking.

As you go to a gathering, make a decision that you will glean something form it that will be beneficial and that you will give something to it that will be beneficial. In other words, make more decisions.

So many of you are so sure that somebody else is controlling your life that you just blunder through life guarded. In other words, what's your goal? "To stay out of trouble." What's your goal in life? "Well, to avoid disease and to stay out of bankruptcy and to hopefully not get too bad of a relationship going."

Most of the decisions we hear from you are what you don't want. Where what you are wanting to talk about is what you DO want.

Abraham Calendar pg. 677

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