Thursday, May 21, 2009

Abe to a Guy Stuck in Mom's Basement

Guest:...I still live at home. And right now, I guess I've been wanting to move out, but I haven't taken the action, or the dream, or the thoughts haven't been there to...

ABRAHAM: Well, you feel like you're in a trap. You're not ready to move out, financially, and yet you feel bad about not moving out. And so, any way you look at it, it closes your valve. When you say, "I'm old enough. I should be out on my own," and your mother says, "You're old enough! You SHOULD be out on your own!" then that's a lackful thought that closes your valve! And yet when you think, "OK. I'll move out tomorrow," and you envision yourself out there living in a cardboard box, that closes your valve, too!

Moving Boxes and Supplies

And so, what's happening is you're asking too much of the now. What you're wanting to do is start dreaming about moving out. Start envisioning moving out. Start imagining having your own place. Start imagining maybe having a roommate. Start imagining something that is more pleasing than what-is. And, when you spend more time with the vision of what you want, than you are with the reality of what-is, the reality of what-is will shift to the vision. All sorts of things you cannot right now imagine will begin to happen!

Phoenix, AZ 04-26-94

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