Monday, May 11, 2009

Abe on Core Issues: the Stuff You Thought You Left Behind

Q: So on these difficult subjects that come up and they are a part of the daily life and they are always a frustration … such as money, love and health. And you have said not to tackle the most difficult, the most pressing one first …

Abraham: Well we say that if you can focus upon things that you don’t have a big negative vibration built up around, the Universe will delivery it to you quickly which will give you confidence in your ability to focus, it will give you confidence in the Law of Attraction, it will give you confidence in your worthiness. So we always say start with easy things until you’ve proven to yourself the power of the Law of Attraction and proven to yourself your ability to focus. But once you’ve got that then we encourage you to clean up your vibration on every subject under the sun.

Your vibration is right where you last left it on every subject. So let’s say when you were in high school someone mistreated you in some way. And you never really got over it. You remember the hurt. You remember the wrong-doing. You remember how you felt. You remember the disadvantage that you took away from it. But then you left there. Eventually you stopped talking about that person. And while you still occasionally have people treat you in that way, it doesn’t come up very often and you don’t think about it that often. 

And then somebody says something to you that triggers that. And so now it is active again. And as you begin pondering that again, you feel that hurt all over again. That means your vibration never moved from that hurt. You haven’t been thinking about it so it hasn’t been a big player in your vibration, but it has been lying there dormant with the potential of being activated and now something has happened that activated it. Now because it was there where you last left it, and you are living in the world and you are observing things around the world, different things that you observe have the potential of activating that because it is still where you last left it.

So our encouragement is that sooner of later you take it and you talk it downstream. You do it on purpose. It might require that you take two or three days, here and there, here and there. But you leave it in a whole different place. Now you’ve left it in a different place. It doesn’t have the potential of ever being activated again. In other words you’ve moved yourself to a new place and now it’s not going to curb out of the bushes and club you over the head over and over again, because you’ve shifted the vibration of it.

Q: Even though that thought still exists?

Abraham: The thought exists but you took that subject and deliberately morphed it … in other words, while that happened, you launched Rockets of Desires. So the Source within you saw that relationship, saw that happen, saw what you didn’t want, saw what you did want, and the Source within you gives its undivided attention to what you want that you derived from that
experience. And that Source perspective on that has been potentially active with you all along. So when you deliberately talk about that subject and talk yourself into alignment about it, now that can never creep up again

All of your power is right here because you ability to focus is right here. So as you use your “power of now” and you focus right now on something that closes the gap and causes you to align with Who You Are, you become this vibrational being that is the extension of Source energy and before you know it those vibrations become your dominant vibrations which makes you impervious to mistreatment. It makes it not possible for anything other than what you want to flow into your experience. As long as anything other than that is happening, it means you got those vibrations still active so there’s still some work to do.

So it’s fun for us to watch people get hold of this idea of finding relief, finding relief, finding relief because when your intent is to feel good no matter what the subject is that moves through your mind … so subject after subject, you just find the best feeling thought about it that you can find. Before you know it because of all this different variety of subjects, you’ve cleaned up these core issues that you’ve been carrying around for a while. And then you are finally this loving being who feels invincible.

Abraham  (San Francisco 2.24.07A)

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