Monday, May 25, 2009

Seth: Additional background on Hypnosis

Good evening.

Dictation:  Natural hypnosis is the acquiescence of the unconscious to conscious belief. In periods of concentrated focus, with all distractions cut out, the desired ideas are then implanted (in formal hypnosis).  the same processes occurs in normal life, however; areas of primary concentration then regulate your experience both biologically and mentally, and generate similar conditions.

Let us give a simple example, using a positive belief instilled in childhood. An individual is told that he is comely, well proportioned, and possesses a likeable personality. The idea takes hold. Their persona acts in line with this belief in all ways but also a variety of subsidiary beliefs grow up about the main one.

The belief in personal worth draws about it the belief in the personal value of others, for they show their best faces to our fortunate friend.  His life constantly reinforces this concept, and while he is peripherally aware that some people are “nicer” than others, his main intimate experience allows him to see the best in others and in himself.  This becomes one of the strong frameworks through which he views his existence.

Data or stimuli that does not agree is a side issue, not personally applicable, but present, he realizes, as a fact for others. He will not need to prove himself, so it will be easier for him to accept contemporaries with fairness.

There may be areas in which he realizes he is not adequate, yet because of his belief in his basic worth he will be able to accept these lacks as a part of himself without feeling threatened by them. He will be able to try to improve his condition without knocking himself down at the same time.

Now: In those terms he may or may not be as attractive, feature by feature, as some other individuals who believe, in fact, that they are unattractive. The belief in his own comeliness is so important that others will react to him in the same fashion. An individual can have great native beauty , for example but this beauty is not apparent to others, or to the individual.

In other areas an individual who thinks that he is poor will lose or misuse, or badly invest, andy amount of money, whether he works hard for it or is given it. A person who has hypnotized himself into a state of loneliness will be desolate although surrounded by a hundred friends and admirers.

What does all of this mean to you in your daily life, and how can you utilize natural hypnosis to better your experience? (See Seth Classic: Natural Hypnosis Exercise)

Seth, NOPR, p 322

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