Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abe: Changing Beliefs

Belief is only a habit of thought. So the big question MIGHT be ‘how do I change my habit of thought?’ And we say the only way we KNOW that will inspire you to change your habit of thought is when you finally HEAR us and really GET it when we say: the way you feel is dependent upon what you are choosing.

And when you really mean it when you say nothing is more important than that I FEEL good, then those habits will change very quickly. But as long as you are willing to do as your elders taught you and buck up, keep a stiff upper lip and tolerate the negative emotions, then there is not much likelihood that you are going to change your beliefs.

Note from your sethabequotes blogger: I'll be exploring differing approaches to changing root beliefs this week. Abe's approach is a little more lighthearted than Seth's and works for me in more superficial areas. I have a particularly stubborn belief I am currently trying to budge, and I think Seth's approach (which I will be blogging as the week goes on) has a better chance of changing it on a deeper level. I've been at it about two weeks using the hypnosis exercises. The effect I observe so far can be likened to applying a product which slowly dissolves layers of rust away on a frozen bolt so it can turn again. 

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