Monday, May 18, 2009

Seth: Mankind is One Race

Seth, The Unknown Reality, Vol. 1, Session 697

If a portion of the RACE is hurt it may take a while before ‘you’ feel the pain, but the entire unconscious mechanism of the species will try to heal the wound. Consciously you can facilitate that development, and admit your brotherhood with all other living beings. The healing will take place far quicker if you do. A biological brotherhood exists, an inner empathy on cellular levels, connecting all individuals of the species with one another. This is the result of a biological idealization. It exists in all species, and CONNECTS all species.

The race suffers when any of its members die of starvation or disease, even as a whole plant suffers if a group of its leaves are ‘unhappy’. In the same way all members of the species are benefited by the happiness, health, and fulfillment of any of those individuals who compose it. Man can be aware of the vast medium of probabilities in which he exists, and therefore consciously choose those best suited to those idealizations that point toward his greatest fulfillment. One part of the species cannot grow or develop at the expense of the other portions for very long.

© Rob and Laurel Butts

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