Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Abe Classic: Belief Changing Process

Abraham: Here is the process, we can offer it to you in 30seconds. 

Make a statement of desire “I WANT” and what that automatically does is pinpoint the particle that you are going to make bigger. It might already be big and it might just be a particle but that identifies what you want and it also alerts your guidance system. Two very important functions.Now that your guidance system is alerted, anything that is within you or anything that will come to you, that is not now in harmony with what you have said I WANT - you will be notified of it. As you are notified of it then you can simply release that thought from your experience by focusing again upon what you want. That is the way you bridge or alter your beliefs.
You say I WANT. That turns on your guidance system and as you move through life experience, you are sensitive to the way you feel negative emotion, you pinpoint the conflict, you focus again upon what you want and the conflict goes away. That is the process for bridging beliefs or for changing the clump of thoughts within you so that they all go together well until eventually you come to believe that which you are wanting to believe, you see. 

Now, does that worry you?
There are those who that would worry. They’d say, “Abraham!! You're talking about changing beliefs!! Do we really have the right to alter those beliefs, are they not beliefs that have been carved in granite or carved and set out for all to follow?” 

No!! They are not!!

Blogger note: This is some older Abe from one of the first books. I like digging back in the earlier books sometimes because the approach is just slightly different. Here they detail a process of working through it as it comes up which can be a lot easier said than done. I've really gotten a case of emotional whiplash in these situations which is why I'm combining my current work with the Seth hypnosis exercise which is a long hault, but can be more gentle with thorny issues. However, this Abe approach is good to keep in mind throughout the day as you work out a few knots piece by piece.

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  1. Whoa. One of the most helpful puzzle pieces I have come across yet. THANK YOU.